Books:           ST. CLOUD                                                                                   20.00
                       by Jim Robison & Robert A. Fisk
                       Arcadia Publishing, 2001
                       THE FOUNDING STORY OF THE SOLDIER COLONY                  20.00
                       Articles appearing in the Kissimmee Gazette, 1909;
                       transcribed by Robert A. Fisk; includes a name index.

                       BOYS IN BLUE                                                                             25.00
                       Members of the L.L. Mitchell Post No. 34, founded 1909,
                       St. Cloud, Florida; transcribed from original entries
                       by Honora Ann Bergelt, edited by Anza Bast, published
                       by Genealogy Club of Osceola County, 2003
                       FORTY YEARS OF FUNERALS, 1915-1955                                  27.00
                       Fisk Funeral Home records; transcribed by Anza Bast and
                       Honora Ann Bergelt, published by Genealogy Club of
                       Osceola County, 2006

                       A LAND REMEMBERED                                                                13.00
                       by Patrick Smith, Pineapple Press, 1998

                       FLORIDA'S FRONTIER:  THE WAY IT WUZ                                   18.00
                       by Mary Ida Bass Barber Shearhart, Pineapple Press, 1998

                       FLASHBACKS:  THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA               10.00
                       by Jim Robison & Mark Andrews, Orange County
                       Historical Society & Orlando Sentinel, 1995

                       JACOB SUMMERLIN:  KING OF THE CRACKERS                        18.00
                       by Joe Akerman, Jr. & Mark Akerman, Florida Historical
                       Society Press, 2004

                       FAVORITE RECIPES FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE                   10.00
                       WOMAN'S CLUB OF ST. CLOUD, FLORIDA, November 2008

                       IN THE SHADE OF THE TREES:  BIOGRAPHIES FROM              20.00
                       MT. PEACE CEMETERY, Genealogy Club of Osceola, 2009

                       BASSE/BASS AND BRECHT/BRIGHT FAMILY HISTORY              37.50
                       by Marjorie Bass Bright, 2009.   

                       FLORIDA'S SEASHELLS:  A BEACHCOMBER'S GUIDE               15.00
                       by Blair and Dawn Witherington
Articles:         "St. Cloud"                                                                                       .50
                       National Tribune, August 12, 1909

                       "New Town of St. Cloud"                                                                1.00
                       Kissimmee Valley Gazette, April 16, 1909
                       transcribed by Robert A. Fisk

                       "First Man Killed in the Civil War"                                                  1.00
                       Washington (DC) Star, July 19, 1915
                       transcribed by Robert A. Fisk

                       "St. Cloud, the Wonder City..."                                                       1.00
                       Tampa Tribune, June 7, 1923
                       transcribed by Robert A. Fisk
                      "Osceola County History:  Political and Industrial"                       1.00
                       St. Cloud Tribune, June 14, 1923
                       transcribed by Robert A. Fisk

Postcards:     Veterans Memorial Library - 1923 photo on front                          1.00

Notecards:     Veterans Memorial Library - current photo on front;                     1.00
                           blank inside

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