Spring-Summer 2013
- History of the Veterans Memorial Library, 1905-2005.  Compiled and donated by Anita Parks.
- The Florida Genealogist (magazine), 2005.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- Book:  First Marine Division in Vietnam, 2008.  Lucille W. McClure, donor.
- Pamphlet:  Shifty, by Maj. Gen, Chuck Yeager (Ret.), 2013. Jean Witherington, donor.
- Book: Ghost Towns of Florida, 1971.  June Ivy, donor.
- Photo:  City of St. Cloud, Feb. 2001.  Robert "Bob" Day, donor.
- Block from Osceola High School on Beaumont, n.d.   Robert "Bob" Day, donor.
- Turpentine pots from Gardner March, n.d.  Robert "Bob" Day, donor.
- Book:  WWII Greatest Generation's Humor, 2009.  Al Mora, donor.
- Book:  The British Empire, 2002.  Al Mora, donor
- Book:  Chronicles of World War II, 1997.  A
l Mora, donor.
- Book:  Great Paintings of Old American West, 1997.  Al Mora, donor.
- Book:  Visions of the First Americans, 2006.  Al Mora, donor.
- Crosby Family of Holopaw by Linda Secco, 2000.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- Pamphlet:  Florida Pioneer Descendants, 2012.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- Indian Head One-Cent Piece, 1863.  Cameron Martin, donor.
- Six-Inch Ruler from St Cloud Christian School, n.d.  Lisa Mullens, donor.
- Pamphlet:  St. Cloud Garden Shop, 2010-2012.  Harry Visger, donor.
- Pamphlet:  Historical Natural History:  Insects and the Civil War, 1997.  Jean
  Witherington, donor.
- Book:  The Creek by J.L. Glisson, 1993.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- Pillowcase from Korea with 48 stars on flag, 1950s.  Cliff Marr, donor.
- WWII Helmet, 1940s.  Cameron Martin, donor.
- Model of covered wagon, n.d.  Gary Suhl, donor.
- Underwood typewriter from 10th St. High School, 1940s.  Carolyn Demora,
- Electric hair dryer, 1940s.  Carolyn Demora, donor.
- Large trunk, 1940s.  Carolyn Demora, donor.
- Cards and miscellaneous items from WWII, 1940s.  Bill Ramage, donor.
- Korean War Veterans 2010 Member Directory, 2010.  John Rallis, donor.

Fall-Winter 2013
- Korean War cigarette case, MAG 12 Club, 1954.  John Rallis, donor.
- Korean War Museum medallion, n.d.  John Rallis, donor.
- Korean War Museum keychain, n.d., John Rallis, donor.
- Korean currency notes - 3 pcs.  n.d.  John Rallis, donor.
- Korean Veteran cap:  "I Served with Pride," n.d.  John Rallis, donor.
- "Returning to Korea," Osceola News Gazette, Aug. 30, 2003.  John Rallis,
- Photo:  John Rallis and other Korean War Vets, Aug. 30, 2013.  John
  Rallis, donor.
- Wire from DMZ Fence (Korea) in frame, 2000.  John Rallis, donor.
- Some History of First United Methodist Church Buildings, n.d.
  Frank Moore Estate, donor.
- Mary Walter/Thomas; George Walters; Edward Thomas:  Early Citizens of
  St. Cloud, Florida,1881-1945, compiled and donated by Anita Parks.
- Book:  Woodlea:  Life on Lake of Dancing Sunbeams by Bob Greiner, 2007. 
  Bob Greiner, donor.
- Book:  Tavares (Images of America Series) by Bob Greiner, 2011. 
  Bob Greiner, donor.
- Journals:  Everton's Genealogical Helper, 1999 (four bi-monthly issues).
  Dale Nystrom, donor.

- Kachatana:  St. Cloud High School Yearbook, 1948.  Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Footprints:  St. Cloud High School Yearbook, 1950.  Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Scrapbook:  Joshua Stevens DAR, 2012-1013.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- Battlefields of the Civil War by Hicks and Schultz, 1989.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- The Civil War:  An American Iliad, 1956.
- My Journey, West Virginia to Korea to WVU by Jack Elbon, 2013.  Jack Elbon, donor.
- Photo:  J.R. 'Bob' Donegan branding a calf, n.d.  Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Photo:  Pioneer Days in the Cattle Business, n.d.  Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Photo:  Narcoossee Lawn Tennis Club, early 1900s.  Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Notebook:  Gerald R. Baccardax, WWII Veteran and USS Franklin, 1915-2013.
  Elayne Baccardax, donor.

- Song Hit Lyrics,1940 in seven separate magazines, 1940-1943, 1951. 
  Carolyn Capiaco, donor.
- Brass Drawer Pull from City of St Cloud Fire, 1917.  C.H. Browning, donor.
- Framed Banner Collection from St. Cloud Centennial Celebration, 2010. 
  Woman's Club of St. Cloud, donor.
- DVD:  Bob Fisk's Presentation at the Museum, March 6, 2005.  Jean Witherington, donor.
- The '49er - St. Cloud High School Yearbook, 1949.  Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Sleeping Tiger '65 - St. Cloud High School Yearbook, 1965 - Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.
- Sleeping Tiger 1968 - St. Cloud High School Yearbook, 1968 - Grace Schatzman Smith, donor.